Length of time at Bellway:   30years 

What is the most interesting thing about working for Bellway, and about the work you do?

I started working for the Company at the age of 17 in 1990 in the Sales and Marketing Department as an office junior.  I was introduced to the son of one of the founders of Bellway, Kenneth Bell, who at the time was the Chairman and quite an intimidating character to someone of my age.  In time I became more confident and realised what a very kind and approachable man he was which was not what I expected given his status.

Being in Sales and Marketing gave me great experience of dealing with many different types of people.  Helping to arrange large external corporate functions led me to grow in confidence when dealing with some important influential business people.  I was given the opportunity to study for my secretarial exams which Bellway funded and a job became available within the Company Secretarial Department working for the Assistant Company Secretary as his PA in 1995.  

This role gave me the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge about the business and work with the senior members of the Board.  The business at this time did not have a stand-alone HR function as this sat within Company Secretarial so when in 2016 the HR function was created I decided that’s where I wanted my career to go. 

At the age of 45 I was given the opportunity to do an apprenticeship to gain my professional HR qualification which proves you’re never too old to learn or to be an apprentice!

What are three benefits you’ve discovered about working here that you weren’t aware of when you started?

The benefits have been working with some amazing people who I now consider to be very good friends.  Being given the opportunity to return to work 3 days per week after the birth of my son and gradually build back up to 5 days.  Working for a company where I feel valued and not just a number.

What advice would you give a job seeker who’s thinking about applying for a role with us?

Apply.  I never dreamt for one second I would be here for 30 years but I think that speaks volumes about Bellway as an employer.

If you were a Bellway house type what would you be and why?

I would be the Cartographer, a map maker.  My love for walking and mountain climbing in the Lakes and Highlands means reading and following a lot of maps!