Length of time at Bellway: 1 year

What is the most interesting thing about working for Bellway, and about the work you do?

The most interesting thing about working for Bellway is speaking and dealing with a range of people from different trades, professions and backgrounds on a day to day basis.

What are three benefits you’ve discovered about working here that you weren’t aware of when you started?

Three benefits I have discovered since working at Bellway are:

  • Being enrolled onto a college course to learn about Quantity Surveying and all building aspects. Which then in turn helps me to ask for advice when returning to the office from the members of staff I work with.
  • Learning about building products and systems and then being able to go to site to see these items being put into practice.
  • Cost Control! Since being at Bellway I have become increasingly aware of checking subcontractor’s payment applications for accuracy. This is both a benefit to myself and Bellway. As time has gone on I have become much more confident in speaking with subcontractors and other stakeholders.

What advice would you give a job seeker who’s thinking about applying for a role with us?

Initially I thought that the construction industry was more male dominant, however since working at Bellway this is not the case as in Commercial alone I work with six women. Everyone is always there to help if you need guidance, pass on there on their knowledge and experience in their role.

If you were a Bellway house type what would you be and why?  

Currently, I would class myself as a Blacksmith –   2 Story, 2 Bedroom 643ft as I am new to the industry and starting out in my career. My ambition as I grow and gain experience within the company and the industry is to aim higher than our current largest house type which is The Draper -   2 Story, 5 Bedroom 2243ft2.