This is the part of the process which is most visible and where craft trades are required. This is where the vision and planning becomes a reality!

Once all permissions have been given and a final design has been approved, the physical construction work can begin. The first foundations are marked out by the Site Engineer and the Plot Developer. From this point on a diverse range of dedicated construction staff can undertake the build. Construction roles include:

  • Bricklayer
  • Joiner
  • Plumber
  • Assistant Site Manager
  • Site Manager

First, the foundations are concreted and the Bricklayers lay blocks and bricks up to ground floor height. Groundwork subcontractors go on to install internal & external drains and also a stone platform from which individuals can work safely and install the scaffold.

Next, our Bricklayers start to lay the first bricks and blocks of the house, working in tandem with Joiners who install the floor joists and boards. Bricklayers will take the walls up to wall plate height and the Joiners (with the help of cranes) will then fit the roof.

Roofers then work to cover the roof in a breathable membrane before adding the roof tiles. All scaffolding can now be removed to allow the Joiners to install the staircase and erect the timber internal walls, and doorways. At the same time windows are installed by a subcontractor making the building watertight.

The next stage is “1st fix” for Plumbers and Electricians who install all of the pipes and cables. At this stage the Site Manager will arrange for the house to undergo a Pre Plaster inspection by the National House Building Council (NHBC). 

Once the building has passed this inspection, plaster boarding is completed and the house is then 2”nd fixed” by the Joiners (who fit all skirting boards, architrave and doors) and then the plumber and electricians return to fit the sockets and switches, radiators, and boiler.

Now the house structure is in place the plumber will work to fit sanitary ware, the tiler and painter can now start to prepare all the floors, walls and ceilings for decoration and the kitchen is installed.

Once the property is completed to the highest standards it is inspected by the Site Manager and if the finish is deemed satisfactory, the NHBC are then invited to attend and complete a final inspection.